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 Spectrum Gems and Corrupt Gems

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PostSubject: Spectrum Gems and Corrupt Gems   Wed Mar 06, 2013 3:33 am

On this forum there is a reward system that allows us to reward our more loyal members. When you start, you will have none of any kind of gem. For good behaviour or good posting, or anything else you will be given a Spectrum Gem. For bad behaviour or rule breaking you will be given a Corrupt Gem.

If you get a Corrupt Gem it will delete a Spectrum Gem. If you have no Spectrum Gems, it will add a Corrupt Gem onto your bar. When you get 5 Corrupt Gems you will be given a 1 day ban and all of your gems will be erased. Then if you get 5 Corrupt Gems again, you will be given a greater sentence, and so on. Here is the list of sentences:

1st Time: 1 Day Ban.
2nd Time: 3 Day Ban.
3rd Time: Week Ban.
4th Time: 2 Week Ban
5th Time: Month Ban
6th Time: 3 Month Ban
7th Time: Permanent Ban

If you get a Spectrum Gem, one Corrupt Gem will be removed. If you have no Corrupt Gems, then a Spectrum Gem will be added to your bar. Like Corrupt Gems, if you get five something happens. With 5 Spectrum Gems you get a prize, and it gets better every time. They are as follows:

1st Time: 5000 Galleons Added
2nd Time: 3 New Spells Added To Any Character From Up To 3 Years Above Them
3rd Time: Free Random Gift For A Chosen Character
4th Time: Pick Gift For One Character
5th Time: Pick Three Gifts For One Character
6th Time: Loyal Member Rank Given
7th Time: Congratulations PM From Me And Choice Of Multicolored Username


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Spectrum Gems and Corrupt Gems

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